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Real Ale

Leeds Beer Festival is synonymous with Real Ale, we live and breathe it. Real Ale is usually served in pubs via a handpump from a cask. At the festival you will also see it being served direct from a tap in the cask (gravity dispense) and from "craft beer" taps where the ale is in keykegs.

Real ale is the main reason for the festival and as such there will be a vast selection, as much as we can reasonably fit into the venue. Style wise expect to see old favourites such as bitter and mild, plus ever popular pale ales and some rarer examples of porter and stout. We will also showcase some of the most exciting newer beers in the country often with novel ingredients to create truly unique beers.

Real Ale is very much a British thing and we will feature beer from throughout the British Isles, but we won't forget local ale as we will attempt to have at least one beer from each brewery in Leeds.

Once the Real Ale list is finalised, you can download using the button above.

Real Cider

Cider, and its pear based cousin Perry, is sold at Leeds Beer Festival and complements the range of Real Ale superbly. Traditional Cider and Perry is a very different from mass marketed brands and sits very comfortably alongside the Real Ale showcased at the festival.

Expect to see dry ciders and cloudy strong ciders, often referred to as scrumpy. But also we have a selection of crystal clear Cider and Perry with a strength similar to the beers on offer. Also like beer, sometimes additional flavours, in particular different fruits are added to give a refreshing drink that everyone should try at least once.

We have a few local ciders on offer, too. Didn't think Yorkshire produced cider? Well think again, Yorkshire has quite a few producers who more than hold their own on the national stage.

Closer to festival time, download the completed Cider List using the above button.

Global Beer

The Global Beer Bar, situated in the upstairs bar area, is home to all things wacky and wonderful from across the globe – beers carefully selected for their ability to blow you mind – and tastebuds!

As ever, we’re bringing you a cast of colourful characters, including mind-bogglingly hoppy IPAs, fantastically foggy wheat beers, fresh and flavoursome fruit beers, dark and mysterious stouts, and some weird stuff that we struggle to categorise, which can only be a good thing.

Take-outs are available (at a discount if you spend over £10) so don’t feel you need to globe-trot the world in one session!

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