Leeds Beer Festival

Since 1987


The Venue

Leeds Beer Festival, from 2018, has found a new home at Leeds Beckett University. After several years away we have finally returned to central Leeds.

Beckett University Student Union is ideal for hosting our beer festival, with their atmospheric downstairs concert room and light and airy upstairs bar being transformed into a beer festival venue with something for everyone. There are nooks and crannies, so it pays to wander around and discover for yourself what is where.

We're lucky to be able to do a three day giant tap takeover at the venue this summer, whilst the vast majority of the students are off on their holidays, so why not take this opportunity to see the bar as it's never been seen before?

Leeds CAMRA is grateful for the opportunity to showcase all this Beer, Cider and Perry and hope to be here for several years to come.

Tickets and Entry

Some tickets are available to buy in advance, including Early Bird tickets which are available till 28th April and are cheaper. To buy advance tickets, click on the button below. Advance tickets are subject to a booking fee. Advance ticketholders are guaranteed entry for the first 2 hours of the session, then priority entry after that.

Alternatively, you can pay on the door. There are more on-the-door tickets available than advance tickets.

We have listened to feedback on the way the entry system worked last year, and have simplified the Admission fee by just having an "All In" ticket system this year. Hence, the Admission fee will include entry (which varies in price depending on the session – the list below shows entry portion of price for clarification), glass (£3, refundable), beer tokens (worth £10, refundable) and programme / beer list:

Thu 11-4 session: £13 (Entry portion is FREE)

Thu 5-11 session: £16 (Entry portion is £3)

Fri all day: £18 (Entry portion is £5)

Sat all day: £18 (Entry portion is £5)

Card-carrying CAMRA members and students will receive a discount of £3 on all sessions except the Thursday 11-4 session:

Thu 11-4 session: £13 (Entry portion is FREE)

Thu 5-11 session: £13 (Entry portion is FREE)

Fri all day: £15 (Entry portion is £2)

Sat all day: £15 (Entry portion is £2)

Buy Tickets

Are under 18s allowed in?

Sorry, no under 18s are allowed in, including babies. If you look young, please bring ID!

At the Festival

How do I pay for beer?

You pay using beer tickets - you'll get £10 worth as part of your admission, and you can buy more from the entrance foyer if you need to. These look like bingo cards, and we cross off the value of your beer at the bar. They are fully refundable, or you could donate your ‘loose change’ to our charity in the boxes provided.

What about the glasses?

CAMRA’s about choice, and we have a lot of it! Three styles of glass this year:

  • one pint glass, marked at a pint and a half
  • one two thirds stemmed glass, marked at one third
  • one half pint, marked at a third and a half

Choose your favourite – they’re all the same price. And it’s a hire price, so you can get your money back at the end! Or keep it, of course...it’s up to you.

What do all those coloured labels mean?

The labels on the ends of the casks are there to help you find the beer you want. We’ve colour coded them so that you have an at-a-glance guide to the beer style:

Blue = Mild

Cream = Bitter

Gold = Golden Ale/IPA

Green = Stout/Porter

Red = Barley Wine / Strong Ale

Orange = Speciality

... just look for the colour keys on the beer racking.

We’ve used the CAMRA definitions of beer styles, as you might see in the Good Beer Guide, but simplified them so you only have six to choose from. It makes, stout-spotting and finding your favourite fabulous hoppy ale so much easier. If space allows, there will be an article in the programme telling you a bit more about beer styles.

Have you got any new exciting beers for us this year?

Funny you should ask. We've been in touch with Leeds breweries this year to ask if they would do some collaborative beers for the festival. As a result, we have some very interesting partnerships and some jolly exciting beers! Here's the list of collaborators whose limited edition beers will be available for you at the festival...

Nomadic x Horsforth x Shadow
Quirky x Northern Monk
Meanwood x Wetherby (two beers)
Truth Hurts x Legitimate Industries 

Kirkstall x North (two beers)

For more information about the Collaboration Project, click here.

What about me? I don't like beer or cider!

Along with a selection of quality soft drinks from the Fritz range, we'll have a small wine bar and a tiny gin bar this year, showcasing local producers. We've got three wines from Woodlesford's Leventhorpe Vineyard, and three Yorkshire gins kindly supplied by Latitude Wines of Leeds. Got straws, too.

Will there be any music at the festival?

We are planning some diverse musical entertainment for you this year, but we have also listened to those cusomers who like a quiet drink. So, all day Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday before the live music (up to 5pm when there may be a bit of funky background music) there will be conversational peace and quiet.

The live music line-up goes like this:

Thursday all day: music-free

Friday evening: The Turnarounds

Saturday evening: Sarah Widdup

Live music will start at around 8pm.

What about food?

Last year, whilst praising the pies, our customer survey revealed a desire for a more varied hot food menu. The Student Union does have an in-house catering team, so we thought that this year we'd ask them to come up with a food menu suitable for a beer festival.

The everyday menu will include burgers (many varieties, including vegan), chips (with cheese or gravy!) and the perennial beery favourite – pizza! The daily specials include chilli and filled Yorkshire Puds. Nom nom.

Also, there's our Famous Snack Emporium, more commonly known as Mr. Scratchings. Not just scratchings, but also sweeties and savoury snacks and other weird stuff that appears from time to time. Visit Roger for free entertainment.

Will I be able to sit down?

Our Feedback forms told us that last year we didn't have enough seating, so we are planning the seating arrangement slightly differently this year to accommodate more chairs in more places.

How can I join CAMRA?

Why not join at the Festival? We have a special deal where you get two free pints along all the usual membership benefits. Alternatively, you could join CAMRA at their website.

Helping us out

Can I work at the Festival?

You are welcome to work at the Festival, if you are a CAMRA member, but please be aware that some sessions may be oversubscribed. The Staffing Officer will contact you if this is the case. For insurance reasons, we’re afraid non-members are not able to work.

You can access the online Staffing Form by clicking on the button below. Questions? More info? Problems filling in the form? Feel free to email Warren at beerfestivalstaffing@gmail.com

Thanks for your help!

Staffing Form

Are there any sponsorship opportunities?

Yes indeed, there are many. Sponsorship opportunities include glasses, bars, stalls, entertainment, the programme plus straightforward advertising. Please do get in touch for more details.

Can I help publicise the Festival?

You certainly can! When they become available, you can download the logo, advert, the poster and the flyer below.

Logo (high res)
Logo (low res)
Poster/Flyer front
Flyer back